The Challenge

The climate crisis, ecological breakdown, civic unrest, and searing social inequalities are not tomorrow’s problems. They are today’s emergencies.

Covid-19 is revealing just how damaged our world is; and is accelerating the most pressing existential threats to our businesses and species.

We know that there are no simple technical answers or strategic silver bullets to this serious series of challenges. Yet we also believe that, within the enormous challenges, there is an unprecedented business opportunity: to transform into a regenerative business model. With this approach, business can deliver a positive impact where profit is balanced with purpose so shareholders, employees, citizens, and the planet all win.

We believe that sustainability can, and must, go to the next level: shifting from a focus on compliance, efficiency upgrades, and footprint minimisation to a focus on agile creativity, purpose-led growth, and visionary transformation. We believe that you can only truly future-proof your business if you combine creative sustainability with regenerative innovation­ – and empower your people to deliver both.

The Solution

FutureMakers is a purpose-driven consultancy that exists to help businesses future-proof themselves by shifting towards a fully sustainable, and ultimately regenerative, enterprise.

We provide a pioneering pathway to support your transition to a regenerative business, ensuring creative sustainability is built into your purpose, strategy, culture, and innovation approach.

The Founders

FutureMakers was founded by two purpose-driven entrepreneurs who share a common vision of regenerative business with complimentary expertise and experience.

We passionately believe that now is the time for business leaders at every level of the organization and in every part of the economic system to step up, find their purpose, and use it transform the role and value of sustainability and change the ecosystems they touch.

Between us, we have worked with scores of multi-nationals, non-profits, government departments and ambitious start-ups and scale-ups – from Unilever to Grosvenor Estates, from WWF to the NHS – on projects driven by sustainability, innovation, strategy and human resources. We aim to bring all these verticals together to bring about People-Powered Transformation For A Regenerative Future.

Find out more about the co-founders Cat and Nick below


After many years consulting on sustainability, Cat worked as Director of Learning & Innovation at the UK Green Building Council, where she delivered change through purpose-driven leadership and sustainable innovation.  Here she came to realise that people were the key to shifting the system.  In over a decade of developing and delivering sustainability strategies, learning and leadership programmes she holds a firm belief that technical solutions alone will not achieve the change we need to see – we need to inspire, and empower leaders at every level to shift to a regenerative economy. Cat is an expert in sustainability, innovation, leadership and in the delivery of people-based change programmes. She works an advisor,  strategist, coach, and thought leader who drives people and business to ‘next generation’ sustainability. Cat has developed numerous learning and leadership programmes for FTSE 100 companies which have engaged entire organisations in sustainability from future leaders up to C-suite executives.  She also authored a Guide to Sustainable Innovation.





Nick Jankel is a Cambridge-educated medic and philosopher of science who has built a career in systemic change and transformation. Having founded a strategic innovation agency working with major multinationals to manage threats and seize opportunities core to their future survival in his early 20s, Nick experienced a major life epiphany at age 30 and rediscovered his purpose: to reduce suffering and increase thriving in our socio-economic systems. As a result, he founded Switch On, a transformation company that is run as a social enterprise that has worked with WWF on systemic regenerative innovation, the British Council on scaling social enterprise, Oxfam on their policy and campaigning innovation lab, The Young Foundation on systemic social innovation, Rockefeller on systemic social innovation. He has also advised corporates like Unilever and Diageo on responsible and sustainable brand and innovation strategies. A prolific writer and thought leader, he is the author of a number of influential papers on systemic social and environmental innovation and has lectured on these themes at Oxford, Yale, and LBS. He has twice given keynotes on systemic change at No.10 Downing Street. Including to the Permanent Secretaries of every ministry; and has collaborated with Ashoka, Ultd, SoCap, Impact Hub, Acumen, and Omidyar Network amongst many others.