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The Ingredients Of The Regenerative Renaissance

When someone asks me what a 'regenerative business' or 'regenerative innovation' is, I must remind them that the desire to codify, predict, and define things is what I call Control & Protect Mode (or 'analytical consciousness') wanting to get things 'right' or believe it has the answers based on the past.

20 Hallmarks Of The Regenerative Renaissance

It is easy to say a project, product, person, or business is ‘regenerative’. It is much harder to define what that means; evaluate where it can be more regenerative; and guide, lead, and manage self, enterprises, and system towards regenerative outcomes.

The O.S. for the Regenerative Renaissance

The Triple Threat of the digital, disrupted, and damaged world is not going anywhere no matter how much we might want it to. None of us gets a choice in this: we all have to deal with them to some degree, even if we are just about to retire.