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Virtual Learning Opportunities

With engaging and inspiring virtual learning programmes from FutureMakers, your organisation can get ahead, pursue its sustainability ambitions at pace and scale, and lead us to a regenerative future.

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We work with your organisation to support in the transition to a truly regenerative business.  We support sustainability leaders to amplify the role, raise the profile and accelerate the impact of the sustainability function so that it transforms into the brightest source of creativity, strategic innovation and collaborative action in the business. We provide a rigorous innovation and transformation methodology and unique transformation tools to cultivate people-powered change across the company. By leveraging your internal resources we help you progressively break through organizational silos and marshall the ambition and people-power for you to make the transition to a sustainable business, fit for the future.

Are you ready to lead your business towards a regenerative business model that leaves the world better?



Leverage sustainability to reignite business purpose

Commit to defining and unlocking the power of purpose – a genuine contribution to society – across the organisation.


Set bold ambitions to promote action on the problems that matter

Bring thought leaders together to co-create an ambitous sustainability vision, strategy, and targets to ensure a license to operate in 2030 and beyond.


Activate net-positive mindsets and behaviours throughout the organisation

Engage all employees in proactively driving net positive behaviours, providing space for the sustainability team to step up and focus on strategy, innovation, and systemic change.


Empower & enable your employees to take action

Empower and accelerate employees as sustainability leaders and innovators through a world-class learning journey.


Leverage sustainability as a source of innovation

Employ sustainable innovation processes and tools company-wide to activate ‘intrapreneurs’ to crack transformational problems that unlock the future operating model.


Transform your organisation into a regenerative business

Place visionary and creative sustainability at the epicenter of the organisation and at the core of the growth agenda, strategically transforming the enterprise into a regenerative business.


Example Engagement Activities…

1. Purpose

Purpose Ignition Retreat

4. Empowerment

Empowerment Needs Analysis

Empowerment & Learning Journey Design

Empowerment Learning Programme 

2. Ambition

Next-Gen Sustainability Review

2030 Ambitions Co-Creation Workshop

5. Innovation

Sustainable Innovation Learning Programme 

Sustainable Innovation Lab

Sustainable Innovation Sprints

3. Activation

Organisation-wide Activation Summit

Board Activation Workshop

6. Transformation

Regenerative Business Transformation Programme

Sustainability, as a business function, can no longer be stuck in a ghetto solving technical problems, seeking efficiencies and reducing the footprint: it must be about finding how to generate long-term value for all stakeholders by solving meaningful problems (from within the UN SDGs) that generate value for customers and employees as well as shareholders


If you would like a member of our team to come and meet with your organisation to discuss a partnership opportunity please contact us. We will then schedule an introductory meeting and can undertake a high-level Needs Analysis (2 hour workshop) in which we identify the leadership and innovation learning needs of your organisation and follow up with a proposal.