Case Study



The Challenge

How do you dial up sustainability ambition to inspire and empower every employee to make a contribution? Grosvenor have made ambitious commitments to sustainability through their roadmap and initiatives such as the supply chain charter. They are driving innovation through their estate, with a particular focus on a number of assets and R&D initiatives. Whilst this is all making excellent progress, there is desire to dial up a level so that more focus is brought to blurring the lines between sustainability and innovation, bringing sustainability to life in the organisation, and inspiring every staff member to make their contribution.

The Design

Following a comprehensive review of existing sustainability documentation, FutureMakers supported with the crafting of a new upgraded sustainability narrative for the company. This narrative then formed the foundation for The Sustainability Academy – a sustainability learning programme designed to give all Grosvenor employees a renewed clarity on the direction of the sustainability strategy, and a greater sense of what this means for the business and for them personally.

The Impact

During the initial six-month programme, The Sustainability Academy has trained all 350 employees and will continue to be rolled out to new starters to the business as part of their onboarding.

“We have established ambitious goals for Grosvenor to go zero-carbon, zero-waste and net-positive biodiversity, but we know in order to achieve it we need every employee to be empowered to deliver our vision. That’s why we established The Sustainability Academy. The learning programme developed and delivered by FutureMakers has helped us all think differently about the role we can play in driving sustainability across our business. It has provided all Grosvenor employees with the inspiration, empowerment, tools and skills they need to engage with our sustainability ambitions and drive value for themselves as professionals as well as the business as a whole.”

Learners trained:


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“As a result of the programme the business is approaching problem-solving differently, putting sustainability front and centre of decision-making, and our employees have been inspired by the scale of the opportunity for sustainability to drive business transformation.”


Tor Burrows, Director of Sustainability & Innovation