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DO YOU WANT TO engage your MEMBERS around a shared purpose and galvanise SYSTEMIC CHANGE? 

Our programmes help you future-proof your membership offering, nurture change agents and galvanise your network around a shared purpose, encouraging individuals to collaborate and make a positive difference to the system. 

We work in partnership with you to customise the FutureMakers programme for your network, ensuring that it meets the needs of your members and the sector you are in.  These programmes deliver huge impact to individuals from your community but also deliver transformational impact to you as a membership/ trade/ network organisation by driving the systemic change you need to see.

An initiative such as FutureMakers can unlock opportunities to engage the next generation of leaders, help you diversify your revenue model, and enable you to inspire more people to deliver impact towards a common goal.

Key FutureMakers initiatives designed for networks include:

  • Purpose-driven leadership: masterclasses, programmes, coaching

  • Sustainable innovation: masterclasses, programmes, and labs

  • Culture change: sustainability education, system change programmes




The programme duration depends on the specific needs of your network, and could be anywhere from one day to 6 months.  We also deliver bitesize introductory sessions on purpose-driven leadership, innovation, storytelling, and system change, and can license peer-peer leadership coaching tools for in-house roll-out.

Our approach is to leverage our world class content, leadership and innovation tools to develop a tailored experience which address both the strategic needs of the business and the learning your emerging leaders, so that you can see impact quickly.



What are the next steps?

If you would like a member of our team to come and meet with your organisation to discuss a partnership opportunity please contact us.

We will then schedule an introductory meeting and can undertake a high-level Needs Analysis (c.2 hour workshop) in which we identify the leadership and innovation learning needs of your network and the emerging leaders within your sector, and follow up with a proposal.