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Why FutureMakers?

Every leader must face the triple threat of existential risks like climate change and social injustice; pioneering technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain; and disrupted societies with customers and employees demanding more meaning, mastery, and membership.   As these challenges become ever more pressing, we need a new style of leadership – one which embraces purpose and delivers transformation.  

FutureMakers is all about ensuring a better future for people, business, and the environment, and we do this by running inspiring leadership, innovation and culture change programmes that equip emerging leaders with the insight, tools and skills they need to transform themselves and their organisations. By reigniting purpose and applying a world-class innovation process, individuals and businesses can work creatively to solve pressing problems, get ahead in a fast-changing world, and reconnect with customers and peers to deliver positive impact. 

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I've learned so much about innovation, storytelling and how to get the best out of myself and others. There are few programmes that you can attribute to changing your life - this is one of them.


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What is FutureMakers?

Our programmes are designed for future-forward individuals and businesses who want to innovate to maximise commercial value whilst helping people and the planet thrive.  We inspire leaders to solve difficult problems with breakthrough solutions whilst learning the skills and practices they need to stay motivated as they engage others at every level to deliver their ideas.   We help businesses anticipate and adapt to change, cultivate innovation from within, and rethink business models to deliver commercial success whilst maximising environmental and social impact. 

Our programmes deliver in 3 key areas:  

  • Purpose-driven leadership: masterclasses, programmes, coaching

  • Sustainable innovation: masterclasses, programmes, and labs

  • Culture change: sustainability education, system change programmes

Programmes are structured around a combination of inspiring thought leadership keynotes, practical problem-solving sessions, innovation tools, and leadership coaching.  In all of our FutureMakers initiatives, we draw upon world-class leadership and innovation theory and practical toolkits. This immersive learning approach ensures the individuals and organisations who participate in our programmes: 

  • Gain insight into complex trends that will affect their business, so they can learn to embrace the rapidly changing world without fear 

  • Solve business problems in new ways by understanding the process and tools of innovation and how to create a culture of innovation  

  • Fast-track personal leadership by amplifying self-awareness and boosting emotional mastery

  • Apply compelling storytelling techniques to engage colleagues and clients and attract necessary resources to take innovative ideas forward

  • Coach themselves and others to break through professional challenges and grow resilience

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So inspiring! The content was incredible and I know the connections I made will support me through the rest of my career.


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 For BusinesSes

Are you a business, non-profit or public body that wants to future-proof your organisation, attract, retain and accelerate the best talent, and deliver positive impact? 

Our programmes help you retain creative and committed employees transforming them into your most motivated and agile innovators and intrapreneurs - so you build a purpose-driven innovation culture from the inside out. 

We customise the FutureMakers programme to meet the specific needs of your business and employees.  We work to address major business challenges,  inspire change,  and create the time and space for new business models to emerge.

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For networks

Are you a trade association or network organisation that wants to offer new value-adding benefits to your members whilst galvanising systemic change?

Our programmes help you future-proof your membership offering, attract new members, nurture change agents and galvanise your network to collaborate around a shared purpose and make a positive difference to the system. 

We work in partnership with you to tailor the FutureMakers programme for your network - ensuring that it meets the needs of your members and the sector you are in.

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For Individuals

Are you an individual looking to fast-track your career whilst playing your part in recalibrating our world towards a more sustainable future?

Our open programmes are designed for ambitious people who want to step up, take charge of their leadership potential and accelerate positive impact. 

If you want to develop and lead innovative business solutions whilst also making a lasting difference, join our next cohort of change-agents to build a diverse and powerful network built on peer-peer exchange and shared experience.

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